Margaret Durow

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Margaret Durow
Foto: Margaret Durow

Fotografin Margaret Durow stammt aus Wisconsin (USA) und fotografiert dort meistens mitten in der Natur. Ihre Arbeiten weisen auf einen Menschen hin, welcher gerne träumt und ein Gefühl für die echten Schönheiten im Leben hat.

Ich bin froh ihr ein paar Fragen gestellt haben zu dürfen, da ihre Worte viel Wahres enthalten und ihre Sichtweise zum Leben Gültigkeit für jeden haben sollte.

Abgeschirmt: Could you tell us something about yourself:
Margaret: My middle name is Catherine and I am left handed.


Abgeschirmt: Your photographs are taken in a really beautiful environment – Are these places round your hometown?
Margaret: Most of them yes. Basically all have been taken in Wisconsin. There are a lot of beautiful places here, not outstanding like oceans or mountains, but just as beautiful if you look at them right.



Abgeschirmt: Some of your shots have a strong surreal touch. All these magical lights and when faces are hidden or people have their back up against the camera, for me, it creates a very dreamy atmosphere. What does reality mean to you?
Margaret: I’m often trying in my photos to show humans as an anonymous & small, but important part of nature, not as something separate. Natural things… water light plants & animals are the most dreamy and inspiring things to me. Humans have tried to create their own reality, without realizing how much this reality is intertwined and dependent on nature. “only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” (cree indian prophecy).



Abgeschirmt: You portrait yourself in several images and every single one of them seems very personal and intimate. Whats your intention behind sharing these?
Margaret: My photos have always been a way to remember how I feel at certain times. I like to communicate these feelings to others, and have always liked doing so through photos instead of words. By placing myself in the photos, it is easier to communicate my personal feelings to others.


Abgeschirmt: Would you be so kind and pick one of your favorite shots and tell us more about it?


Margaret: I was down at cedars (Lake in Wisconsin) on another summer day. I put the camera on the pier, set the timer, continued to float. I love being in water so much. Floating on my back on a warm summer day is the best feeling in the world. I want to float there forever.


Abgeschirmt: From your Flickr images I could see, that you had to go through a bad health situation. I really don’t want to violate your privacy and I hope it is allright for you to talk about that. After being cured, did your life and the way you perceive your surroundings change?
Margaret: I am fine to talk about it, it is only a little hard because there is so much to say. everything changed. I was not cured. It’s been a very long process of recovering. I am still healing. My scolosis was not typical, because it was caused by a hemangioma lying along my spine, and the curve had gotten much worse than most. After surgery, I experienced a lot of unexpected complications, I felt incredibly broken… so stuck during that time, so let down by some, but held up by others. When I could finally leave my house for the first time everything was so beautiful and full of life. As I continue to gain strength even now, it makes me feel that much more alive. I’m constantly trying to feel more free, but I realize that there will always be constraints that I cant control, so I must do as much as I can within them, always working to break them down and do that much more. I am always trying to live as full as possible, with the greatest feeling and enjoyment in everything I do. This entire thing has been a huge mix of extreme lows and extreme highs, showing me that life is always up and down… “this too shall pass”



Abgeschirmt: Why does photography appeal to you? Could you imagine another medium to express yourself?
Margaret: I’m not entirely sure why, except that it is a way to communicate without words. I just love looking at photos too, and how looking at photos can make you feel something, and can even change something inside of you just by looking at it.


Abgeschirmt: Danke.

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wow. ich bin beeindruckt. von den bildern und ihren worten.

Earny from Earncastle schrieb am 1.09.2010 um 18:13Reply to this comment

wahnsinn. bekomme da lust in den lake michigan zu springen.

Sebastian schrieb am 1.09.2010 um 18:17Reply to this comment

[...] (kann ich sicher), deswegen gibt’s hier nur eines, um euch dazu zu bringen, euch den Rest dort anzuschauen. Huschhusch! Oder in Margarets [...]

Margaret Durow » schrieb am 15.03.2012 um 11:46Reply to this comment

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