Emilie Björk im Interview

Von Lea gepostet am 12. Mai 2012 um 18:26 in Kunst
Emilie Björk im Interview
Foto: Emilie Björk

You are swedish, so tell us about your hometown and how does it influence your work? What’s home for you?

I grew up in the country side on a big farm with a huge family. I have two brothers and five sisters. I left home when I was 16 years old. When I was 19 I moved like 100 miles away from my family. I usually feel quite lost in big cities. I feel safer when a relative is living close. My hometown, my childhood and youth really inspires me. My home will always be the house and the farm where I grew up, although I love it here in Gothenburg. My home here is my stuff and my friends.


Have you always been living in Sweden? Would you like to move?

Sometimes I’m thinking of moving to Berlin because my best friend lives there. But I don’t think I want to leave Sweden. Although there’s a lot of shit going on here its still a great country in many ways. I also like that Sweden have real seasons like spring, fall, summer and winter. I hate to travel. I get a stomach ache just thinking about it. My dream is to visit Canada and Alaska. Ever since I saw “Grizzly Man” by Werner Herzog I have fallen in love with Alaska. I look at pictures and documentaries from there all the time. It seems to be so incredibly beautiful there. I’m very lucky to live close to Norway, which also is an incredibly beautiful country. I’ve been to Norway a lot and I think I would consider to move there because it is close to my family and friends.


How would you describe your art and what’s art in general for you?

I would describe my pictures as very still but also chaotic. They are quiet and bright, but inside of them there’s an extreme chaos. They are exactly like myself. It’s really hard to decide what’s art and what’s not. It may not necessarily be beautiful to look at, but if it tells me something it’s art for me. You can find art in everything, a poster, a play, a painting, a poem, a song or a photograph.


Do you look up to somebody?

I hardly never look at other peoples art except my friends and family. But I truly love is Francesca Woodman. Perhaps you can see that in my pictures in some way. Her pictures are quiet but also very chaotic like my own.


What are your future plans?

My future plans are to have peace in my life and inside myself. I don’t really know how to do it but I would love to go to an art school that can teach me more about myself and my work.


How do you arrange your pictures?

Sometimes I get ideas how a picture would look like but often I just take a picture and it becomes as it gets. You can find a picture everywhere, especially now, when spring comes and you can play with light and spend time in the nature.


What’s a good picture for you?

If I manage to say something with my picture I feel that I’ve succeeded. I tried to do some freelance and commercial work before but it gave me nothing. I don’t want to do something for someone else. I just want to do this for myself and If I can manage that, I’m satisfied.


Thank you for the interview!

Mehr Fotos und Infos findet ihr auf Flickr und auf ihrem Blog.

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